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May 01, 1972
ABA EASTSirs:Your April 17 article on the Nets (Making a Point—Playground Style) was beautiful. In that one article you gave the Nets more space than they have gotten in the three New York newspapers in the last five years. It was a good story, but Peter Carry failed to speak enough about the job Ollie Taylor and Billy Paultz did on Kentucky's Artis Gilmore. He also omitted the fact that the 6'2" Taylor dunked one over the 7'2" Gilmore.THOMAS CARR Bronx, N.Y.
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May 01, 1972

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Incidentally, are you aware that Rennie Stennett, who helped lead the Pirates' drive to the world championship, also was called up from Charleston? Please let the world know via your wide circulation that there is a ball club known as the Charleston Charlies, and it is located in one of the nicest areas in the world!
Station Manager and Sports Director
Charleston, W. Va.

Your article on the Ali-Foster fight (Not Only Foster Got Stung, April 10) was an injustice to a fine man and boxer. Ali has proven himself a capable man in the ring in all of his fights, even against the pretended champion, Frazier. Ali has not dodged anyone, as Frazier has, and yet Frazier gets all the glory while Ali gets all the criticism! When Ali knocks a man out, it is said that the fight should never have come about, and when Ali fails to knock the man out, then the writers say that he has gotten old and rusty. No matter what Ali does, he just can't seem to satisfy you sportswriters.

Ali has brought back the interest in boxing that had died with the retirement of Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano. Ali is the greatest and he always will be!
St. Louis

I am sure the Japanese will not be hampered by one ho-hum fight. Mere exposure to Ali is worth a $10 ticket. My only doubts lie with SI. Will you guys ever forgive him for losing the big one? What does everyone want, a five-round dance and then a corpse?
Columbus, Ohio

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