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Ron Fimrite
June 12, 1972
From the beginning, it was apparent this would be no ordinary baseball season—particularly since it did not even begin at the beginning. The players' strike, which delayed opening day by more than a week, was only the first surprise of many in a topsy-turvy year that has seen the mighty falter and the weak inherit the AstroTurf.
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June 12, 1972

What's Going On Out There?

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The cries of "Boooog" this man is accustomed to hearing when he steps up to bat in Baltimore are sounding more like just plain "Boo" this year as Powell's batting average, never high in the spring, hovers near .160.

Is that just another home run soaring overhead or is Denny McLain really watching his career passing by? The onetime 31-game winner is now in Birmingham, where the Oakland A's sent him after repeated shellings.

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