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Edited by Robert W. Creamer
July 17, 1972
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July 17, 1972


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19. But Spassky gets lucky. Fischer draws the black pawn, giving Spassky the desired white.

It has been a complicated opening. The position to date is that the chess fan has been rooked.


President Nixon's super alltime all-star baseball team has to be ranked with the super alltime all-star publicity ploys, even though some of the attention it got was not laudatory. Jackie Robinson, singled out by the President as the best all-round athlete of the era, described the selections as a political gesture ("I mean, how many games has Nixon actually seen?" asked Jack), and Columnist Red Smith jumped on Mr. Nixon's sportswriting style as clich�-ridden.

Then the Philadelphia Phils did a reverse twist on the selections. Not doing too well in the standings, the Phils tried to get their minds off their troubles by naming the alltime best President.

" Harry Truman!" said First Baseman Tom Hutton. "He'd be a scrapper. He'd do anything to win. Anyone who has lived that long has got to be tough."

"No," said Catcher Mike Ryan. "It's Nixon. I pick him because he's always being second-guessed, like a catcher."

"JFK," said Shortstop Larry Bowa, on image. "You hear people saying bad things about Nixon, but I never heard anyone say bad things about JFK."

"Zachary Taylor," said Second Baseman Denny Doyle. There is no scouting report on Taylor. Why Taylor? "Nobody else thought of him."

" Abraham Lincoln," said Pitcher Barry Lersch, "because he had long hair and a beard."

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