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Edited by Martin Kane
August 21, 1972
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August 21, 1972


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In 1950 Dick Sadler, now Foreman's manager, arrived in Boston—broke and with three boxers in tow.

"I never knew Dick before," Sam says, "but I fixed him with a place to stay and eating money and got fights for his boys."

When Sadler left town a couple of years later he still owed Silverman money.

"He kept telling me he'd do something for me," Sam said.

Now Dick has paid off with two Foreman fights for Sam, one of them tentatively scheduled for Sept. 16 against an as-yet-unscheduled opponent, and the Bonavena match.

Sports Action made the two fights, but at Sadler's insistence Sam Silverman was included as promoter.

It's a plot that never will make a movie.


On summer weekends in Murillo, a village in the heart of Spain's grape belt, there is ordinarily little to do except, appropriately, sip wine and bask in the sun. Change is setting in now, though, because hordes of tourists are invading the little town each August to watch the International Snail Races.

In this year's second annual meet, 74 escargots from eight countries challenged the one-meter, 20-centimeter course. After five agonizing minutes Spain's Pepe dashed across the finish line a winner, four lengths ahead of an obscure French snail which had obviously been detained by wine spilled on the track.

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