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Robert H. Boyle
August 21, 1972
Or how else would you get a surfboard from Boston to Miami?
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August 21, 1972

2,400 Miles By Hand Power

Or how else would you get a surfboard from Boston to Miami?

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"On what?"

"A surfboard."

"You crazy kid, you're not leaving here! You're a nut, kid, a nut!"

Capune went back to the beach where a guard stood over his surfboard. "I'm leaving," Capune told the guard. "That board is below the mean high tide line, and you have no jurisdiction. If you want to fight, I'll fight."

Capune paddled on in fog and wind. He went into Newport, where the water was filthy. "They dump everything," he says. Jim Ferris, on board the Whisper, which had finished 10th in the single-handed transatlantic race, invited him aboard for champagne. While in Newport, Capune paddled up to Solange, a cement-hulled boat that had left Hull a week after him on an around-the-world trip, and shouted, "Let's see who gets to North Carolina first!"

Outside Newport a destroyer narrowly missed Capune, who was paddling in the wrong direction for Point Judith. Correcting his bearings, he put in at Sandy Hill Cove where he watched a baseball game and got word from the Coast Guard that his father wanted him to call home. "I called collect, and it was the first time he ever accepted."

Capune almost got lost on the way to Block Island, but was pulled there by a tide rip. From Block Island he cut across to Montauk Point where he got lost for real until he came across a boat named Cricket in the swells. "Where am I headed?" Capune yelled.

The answer came, " France!"

Back on the course once more and having passed Montauk Point, Capune met with various receptions along the south shore of Long Island. In East Hampton he could get only five hours sleep as his hosts sat up playing cards. In Southampton he kept landing and landing only to be shooed off the beaches of private clubs. Desperate, he headed inshore for the fourth time and, encountering no opposition, sought out the club manager.

"I want food and water," Capune said.

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