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November 06, 1972
Actor Richard Boone, a sparring partner of pro boxers for 11 years and a friend of Archie Moore, tells this story. It seems that Archie, driving on a Los Angeles street, did something to anger another driver. "This guy," Boone says, "grabbed Archie by the collar and began yelling '@#% nigger, you @#% think you can....' Then he stopped and said, 'Say, don't I know you from somewhere?' Brushing the man's hands off, Archie said, very gently, "You ain't talkin' like you do.' "
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November 06, 1972


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The Commonwealth has taste. Funny taste. After predicting that the Russians would win six of eight games in the hockey series against Canada, Montreal Star Columnist John Robertson ate his column. The whole thing, liberally doused with Russian dressing. How did it taste? "As bad as it read," Robertson says.

In Australia, when swimmer Shane Gould was being presented a bouquet at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, an attending police horse decided it would make a nice snack. As Shane looked elsewhere, dobbin took a large bite. Shane decided half a bouquet was worse than none and fed him the rest.

John Ladd, equipment manager for the Norwich (Vt.) University football team, has missed only five days' work in the last 10 years despite certain possible distractions: he helps manage a 175-acre farm, has 15 great grand children and is 90 years old.

How well does Sherm Chavoor, the Sacramento coach who developed Mark Spitz, Debbie Meyer and other Olympic swimmers, do in the water himself? "If I fell out of a boat 20 feet from shore, I could barely make it," Chavoor says.

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