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December 25, 1972
STEELERS' YEARSirs:Finally you came through (Black and Gold Soul with Italian Legs, Dec. 11)! All season I have been waiting for an article on the exciting new Pittsburgh Steelers and their tremendous runner, Franco Harris.
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December 25, 1972

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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In the meantime this sport, while being enjoyed, is keeping the raccoon population down, although a lot of the time, at least in my case, we let the raccoons go after they are treed. So don't knock this fine sport. And by the way, the money people pay for hunting permits is used for the animal's welfare, and I'll bet this doubles the money those self-righteous humanitarians raise.
Culpeper, Va.

By now the Baltimore City Council may be regretting its suggestion to place "speed bumps" on its residential streets to reduce speed and prevent drag racing (SCORECARD, Nov. 27). I know of two places where this panacea was tried, and the authorities responsible have yet to live it down. In one, the bumps were finally removed in the face of overwhelming local hostility.

Speed bumps are another case of punishing the majority for the misdeeds of a few. Just try driving over one of them at the usually safe speed of 20 mph. The next time you will find it necessary to stop, put the car into first and ease over the barrier at perhaps three mph. If your house happens to be on a street equipped with speed bumps, you will soon discover shaky mufflers, chipped teeth and hemorrhoids developing. As for cycling enthusiasts, they had better get off their bikes and walk over.
West Linn, Ore.

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