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May 21, 1973
BRICKBATS FOR DESISSirs:Saying that the American League's designated hitters get more hits than the National League's pitchers (Off the Bike and into the Box, May 7) is like saying that bricklayers lay more bricks than brain surgeons do. Of course they get more hits, but whatever the game is they're playing, it isn't baseball to me. Part of the charm of baseball is in seeing the manager exploit the strengths and weaknesses of his players, making his moves to utilize the skills, or lack of them, that each man possesses. The DH rule has taken much of this finesse out of the game, profoundly changing it for the worse.
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May 21, 1973

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Oh yes, I could've sworn I heard somebody at a Port Sulphur game yell, "Knock 'im out, Johnnnn!"
Sports Director
Port Sulphur, La.

Roy Blount's article is a tribute to a man who has done a great deal to destroy the "white racist" image that the South has retained. The reason Jerry Clower is so successful and loved by all people with whom he comes into contact is that he is able to look deeper than a man's skin before judging what kind of person he is.

Jerry Clower may be a country boy from East Fork, Miss., but considering his comment, "If I'd been born black, I'd have made Stokely Carmichael look like a circumstance," I can't help but think ol' Jay-ree would have broken the color line at "Miss'ippi State" much earlier than the mid-'60s.
Auburn, Ala.

The article by Mark Kram on Jeff Cooper and his efforts on behalf of pistol shooters (Of Arms and Men They Sing, May 7) was misleading. First, Charles Askins Jr. is a retired colonel in the Army. He is also a veteran of the Border Patrol and past national pistol champion as well as the author of several books on pistols. Second, Jeff Cooper is a retired Marine lieutenant colonel and is entitled to wear "scrambled eggs" on his hat; he earned them the hard way. He was one of the runners-up for an award recently given to the person who has done the most for handgunners (the winner was Elmer Keith of Idaho, who is really the historian-apostle for those of us who love to shoot pistols).

One small pat on the back. When you quit taking cheap shots at Dick Davis, the shooters, etc. and started talking about Cooper the man, you did manage to show some insight.

Your magazine has failed to fully recognize the many shooting sports: trap, skeet, pistol, rifle and hunting. Articles on these sports, written and reported in the same serious manner as you report on bridge, etc., would certainly be appreciated by many American sportsmen.
McGuire AFB, N.J.

The Mark Kram piece on Jeff Cooper's Las Vegas combat shoot is probably the fairest treatment shooters have had from you people in a while.

One demurrer: there is a very great deal more literature about target shooting than the good writings of Colonel Charles Askins Jr. Jeff Cooper's articles on combat pistol are classics, as Kram suggests later on.
Western Media Representative
National Rifle Association
Benson, Ariz.

Thanks to Brock Yates for his timely article (Shall We Gather at the Squash Courts? May 7), which reflects a current boom in America in racquetball /handball courts. (For the record, squash is played on an entirely different size court.)

Racquetball's rapid growth as a complete family sport can be attributed to the fact that it is just plain fun, coupled with any degree of exercise one wishes to derive from it.
an Diego

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