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May 28, 1973
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May 28, 1973


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In tennis, the U.S. soon will forge ahead of Australia. That is the opinion of Ken Rosewall, Aussie star. The all-U.S. final in the World Championship of Tennis two weeks ago was a mere prelude, Rosewall believes.

"In the next five years," he says, "America is really going to move ahead in tennis because there are so many natural athletes in this country turning to tennis in preference to other sports."

One reason for the preference is money. Stan Smith already has earned $154,100 this year, which is only $13,000 less than golf's leading money-winner, Bruce Crampton. This is a far cry from those old days of, say, 10 years ago when a tennis player could expect little more than board, room and transportation.

"If we wanted to tour," says Marty Riessen, "the only way was to stay in a private home, eat meals with the residents and depend on them for transportation. In our society that's called free-loading. That's why we were called tennis bums."

Stan Smith agrees on the future of the game. "Everywhere we go to put on clinics," the new WCT champion says, "we see millions of kids playing tennis. I suspect that within 10 years the United States will have 20 of the top 30 players in the world."


Within 19 feet of the outer retaining wall at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are the most expensive seats from which to view the Indy 500. They will be occupied by some 480 VIPs privileged to watch the race from the balconies of Tony Hulman's new ultra-exclusive motel suites.

"It's the best place in the world to watch an auto race," says Clarence Cagle, superintendent of grounds at the Speedway. "The cars look like they're comin' up your drawers."

Speedway President Hulman occupies the suite closest to the track. There are eight suites on the top floor and 12 on the second. Only these two overlook the track, since the bottom floor is below the top of the retaining wall.

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