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Hugh D. Whall
May 28, 1973
It looked like a bucket of well-thinned blood sitting at waterside on the straw-covered beach. Coach Dick Erickson of the University of Washington drew a cupful and sipped with mock horror before offering some to a passing oarsman. Despite parching 95� temperatures the rower disdained the potion and strode away. "Don't be afraid," Erickson called after him, "it's Husky-Aid."
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May 28, 1973

...and A Husky Roar At The Reservoir

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Normally taciturn, Erickson later was as close to euphoria as he will ever get. "This is one of the best groups of men I've had. They're kinda mean, too. We forced it physically, we pulled the boat hard. We rowed the heat. It's a very gratifying feeling." He paused to accept congratulations. "It was a whitewash," he resumed. "We never expect to do this again."

One who hopes they do not is Gladstone. "We averaged 178 pounds to their 194 and pragmatically didn't have the power to beat them," he said. "But we've risen from the bottom to challenger in a year. That for us is a moral victory. It won't be long before we nail those guys." With Cal-Aid?

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