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June 04, 1973
WHOSE ADVANTAGE? Sirs:Thank you very much for your article covering the match between Margaret Court and Bobby Riggs (Mother's Day Ms. Match, May 21). It portrayed Riggs in true form—as a scheming old man. In my opinion the only good thing resulting from the encounter was the "Bobby Riggs Bleah!" buttons.DAPHNE KARAS Studio City, Calif.
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June 04, 1973

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Not so. In a naphtha launch, the naphtha takes the place of what would be water in a closed-system steam engine. A boiler turns the naphtha into steam (it has a very low boiling point) and sends it to a little compression (steam) engine. The exhaust circulates back through a condenser, where it turns back into liquid and recommences the cycle. Can you imagine boiling gasoline and running it through a steam engine?

If you read enough old newspapers or yachting magazines, you will find stories about explosions of naphtha launches. They really lived dangerously in those days.
New York City

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