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Edited by Martin Kane
July 16, 1973
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July 16, 1973


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"He had eaten two and had a third in his mouth," Davis says. "I managed to keep him away from the others and herded them into the grass before he could take any more."

It's a loony business.


Once there was a CPA in Saco, Maine who owned a 1967 Porsche. Each week Ernest H. Griswold had the same man wash and polish his car. Griswold died recently and willed the Porsche to the man who had washed it. He went a step further. He established a trust fund for perpetual maintenance of the car.

There are others in Maine who love a Porsche, it seems. Alan Mooney of New Jersey moved to the state a year ago. His first project: to start a Porsche club to replace in his heart the club he had left behind. The Maine association was born April 23 and on July 28 the Downeast Region of the Porsche Club of America will get its official charter at a banquet in Portland.

Porsche clubs have 8,800 active members in the U.S. but few of them face the difficulties of the Down Easters. Mooney says there are only about 200 Porsche owners in Maine, and of these, 39 already are members of the Downeast chapter, most of them "technically oriented" because there are only two Porsche dealerships in the state and owners are not too keen on letting just any mechanic take a wrench to their prizes. Mooney does all the work on his car. Perhaps he should consider a trust fund, too.


Jim Kremmel of the Texas Rangers let loose a wild pitch with Eddie Leon of the White Sox at bat. When the ball was recovered Leon protested that he had been hit on the foot and was entitled to first base. As evidence he pointed to a black smudge on the ball. That, he said, is shoe polish.

Larry Barnett, plate umpire but no Sherlock Holmes, awarded first base to Leon.

The White Sox wear red shoes.

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