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August 20, 1973
UP WITH THE BIRDSSirs: Ron Fimrite's article on the Cardinals (Cashing in Those Intangibles, Aug. 6) was excellent. Since early in the season, when you reported how bad the Cardinals were doing, I just sat back and waited for the rookies to improve, the pitching to come around, the bats to get hot and the Cubs to choke. With Wise and Gibby and Cleveland winning, how can the Cards lose?MARK MILLERWoodridge, Ill.
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August 20, 1973

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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In regard to a letter written by Gorden Blain about the article on Don Maynard (Oh, How Gently Flows This Don, July 23) of the New York Jets: not only did this NFL fanatic unjustly put down Maynard and his "other AFL cohorts," but he failed to realize that AFL or former AFL teams captured the Super Bowl crown four out of the last five seasons.

The main reason that the Jets made it to the Super Bowl, if you recall, was due to the fact that Don Maynard made a phenomenal catch that set up the winning touchdown late in the final quarter of the AFL championship game. As a matter of fact, Maynard went on to score that big touchdown on the following play.

We agree that Raymond Berry's reception record was unbelievable, but this record now belongs to Don Maynard of the New York Jets.
Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y.

Before all the Willie Davises hit five homers to sweep Kansas City in the World Series, and before all the Roger Staubachs lead their teams to 17-0-0 finishes, and before all the hockey sticks, basketballs and tennis rackets have set new records for 1973, allow me to cast an early August vote for Sportsman of the Year.

Is there really any other choice than the youthful, hard-hitting, supercharged, onetime mortal, superhero of golf? Tom Weiskopf...superstar.
West Covina, Calif.

I would like to nominate for Sportsman of the Year, Secretariat the superhorse. His Triple Crown win makes him worthy of this award. No exhibition—by man or beast—so far this year can come close to matching what he did!
New York City

In regard to your two articles in the July 30 issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED on the Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles, thank you very much. Although it was not the first time I have read an article about Philadelphia teams in SI, it was one of the first that ever treated the Phillies as something other than a cellar-dweller, and the Eagles got the recognition they deserved for the trading and shaping they are doing for the future. So three cheers for Bob Hertzel (Philly Gets a Trio to Cheer) and Joe Marshall (The Eagles Warm Up for a Fast Takeoff).
Vineland, N.J.

Rebuilding is probably the most overused word heard in Philadelphia. From Society Hill to Veterans Stadium, that is all we've heard for the past countless years.

The Phillies started to rebuild in 1957 when rookies Harry Anderson, Turk Farrell, Ed Bouchee, Bob Bowman and Rookie Pitcher of the Year Jack Sanford inspired our few remaining Whiz Kids. Then the Eagles gave us many negative thrills since the mid-1960s—starting with a head coach with a 15-year contract who traded away some fine players and ending with an anti-hair fanatic who never accomplished anything.

Now, according to your July 30 issue, we may see the fruits ripen. Haven't I heard that song before? It still rings in my ears. But Philly fans live in hope.
Willow Grove, Pa.

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