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Edited by Robert W. Creamer
September 10, 1973
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September 10, 1973


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Finally a sports fisherman stopped and took them into Key West. As soon as the rescuing boat moved off, one of the shrimp boats that had not responded to Surfus' earlier signals went over to the hulk and stripped—or salvaged—it of its two engines and electronic gear.

After a brief recuperation in a Key West hospital, Surfus, either a notably unbitter man or a really zealous fisherman, bought another boat and took the family off for another two weeks of fishing. Got three sailfish and a boatload of dolphin this time, but not one commercial shrimper.


Agnes Biggs owns 640 acres near Rosebud, Alberta. Her land is full of deer, geese, pheasants, rabbits, coyotes. Each year this private game preserve used to be invaded by armies of hunters who, along with shooting the geese, pheasants, deer, et al., shot up her NO HUNTING signs for good measure. She tried to chase them off with the help of her big German shepherd Major, but to no avail.

Last fall she replaced the NO HUNTING signs with a dozen new ones that read, ECOLOGICAL PRESERVE, PATROLLED, NO TRESPASSING. When the bird season opened, very few hunters ventured onto her property and nobody even shot up the signs. During deer season she and Major ran off only two trespassers.

For the coming season Mrs. Biggs has ordered another dozen of the miracle-working signs, and some of her neighbors, with larger landholdings, are following her example. Never underestimate the power of words.

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