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Marty Robbins
October 08, 1973
Twentieth Century Drifter
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October 08, 1973

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Twentieth Century Drifter

Drw-ing the big stocks is my way of mak-ing a luv-ing
First place could be just a dream but I'm gon-na chase it
My wo-man sleeps in my arms and I he here thank-ing
Got to be more than a dream' cause dream-ing won't make it

My way of put-ing the bread on the ta-ble at home
Fin-ish-ing out of the top ten is noth-ing but bad
Half a-wake, half a-sleep I run and re-run the race
Dream-ing won't ev-er put bread on the ta-ble at home

I'm get-ing back a-bout half as much as I'm
A Junk-er won't ev-er be first I might as well
From dark-ness 'til dawn it goes on my half a-wake
Rac-ing runs deep in my veins and I'll nev-er

face it
shake it

But I could-n't make it with
> first class e-quip-ment is
And ev-er so of-ten I
I'm tied to it just like I'm

out a good wo-man at home
some-thing a man's got to
dream of me tak-ing first place
tied to the wo-men at

[4th verse al coda]


might ev-en call me a Twen-ti-eth Cen-tu-ry

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