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December 03, 1973
VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS Sirs: William Johnson's article on Joe Paterno (Not Such an Ordinary Joe , Nov. 19) was excellent and portrayed the high moral principles of the man. The respect that the students and faculty of Penn State have for Paterno was well demonstrated at last June's graduation exercises when some 18,000 students, parents and guests sat in a drenching rain at Beaver Stadium to listen to his commencement address. Coaches like Joe and Alabama's Bear Bryant keep college football in a favorable light in spite of the "many recruiting violations and dirty tricks...going on in college football now."GEORGE J. SUSKO Yonkers, N.Y.
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December 03, 1973

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Joe Marshall's article After 18 Dry Wells, a Little Gusher (Nov. 12) was one of the worst I have ever read in your magazine. The Oilers probably do have the poorest team in the NFL, but the reason for their downfall has not been entirely bad trades. As Marshall says, "It took a concentrated unbuilding program to reduce Adams' Oilers to their present state." True, they gave up a fine kicker in Roy Gerela, but the trades sending George Webster and Glen Ray Hines to the Steelers and Jerry LeVias to San Diego were not so bad. Webster has knee trouble, Hines is over the hill and how many people outside of San Diego knew the Oilers had Jerry LeVias? Apparently you forgot that the Oilers picked up a quality player and one of the top receivers in the AFC in Fred Willis. Then they got Bob Gresham from the Saints. Bob is leading the team in rushing. Come on, Joe, give us a break.

I loved your article on the wilted Houston Oilers. Joe Marshall did a beautiful job. If you ask me, though, I don't think the Oilers could strike out, let alone strike oil. Baltimore played so poorly Houston could have won that game by walking off the field. There is one thing going real strong for the Oilers, however: their uniforms are kind of pretty.
Altoona, Pa.

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