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December 24, 1973
The ultimate put-on: Frenchy Fuqua, Pittsburgh Steeler running back and the flashiest dresser in football (if not the whole world). To underline his lavender jumpsuits, floor-length capes and Cavalier hats, he has ordered a pair of glass-heeled shoes, each heel to be filled with water and contain a live tropical fish selected from his aquarium to match the color of the day's outfit.
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December 24, 1973


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Cookiest crumble: Canadian bicyclist Jocelyn Lovell, three-medal winner at the 1970 Commonwealth Games. He received-a six-month suspension from the Canadian Cycling Association for stealing a box of cookies at a hotel in Spain and will miss the upcoming Commonwealth Games. "For 30�," he snapped, not so gingerly.

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