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Dan Jenkins
September 16, 1974
The NFL coaches are perceptively and irreverently described by an old fan
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September 16, 1974

Ever See So Many Geniuses?

The NFL coaches are perceptively and irreverently described by an old fan

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Abe Gibron has been a part of the family and will probably stay a part of it, in some capacity, even if he keeps on losing games. The players like him because he says things like, "You may be SOBs, but you're my SOBs." They also like the stories of his appetite and that somebody once said that Gibron "has the face that lunched a thousand shrimps."

In Brian's Song Abe Gibron played himself.

The Bears are wonderful. One only wishes kind of wistfully that Doug Atkins were back again shooting at pigeons from the top of the stadium with Halas hollering at him to come down and join the workout.


He was an All-Pro offensive tackle for five years under Paul Brown, and he was a line coach under Otto Graham. Vince Lombardi and George Allen. Not bad company. But was he a head coach? That's what the Eagles' owner, Leonard Tose, wanted to know. Paul Brown said yes, if you were looking for class, leadership, organization, winning attitude and the ability to get along.

"Paul's recommendation was so strong," says Tose, "I had to wonder if there was a blood relationship there."

McCormack says, "I want to teach like Brown and motivate like Lombardi and Allen."

So far, it looks like he mainly wants to trade like Allen.

He gave up his heart, lungs, Harold Jackson, Tony Baker and a first-round draft choice for Roman Gabriel. He gave up two first-round choices for Bill Bergey, the linebacker. But he has brought back long hair and mustaches for the Eagles. That alone may have helped him take them to 5-8-1 last year from Ed Khayat's 2-11-1 the season before.

It will take a while to see whether the Gabriel trade works as well for Philadelphia as it did for the Rams. Somebody said that Gabriel traded himself to the Eagles, to what was the worst team in the conference, from the beaches of Southern California to the factories of the East, all of which made the Rams wonder how smart a quarterback he had ever been in the first place.

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