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November 04, 1974
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November 04, 1974


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"Del," he wailed, "why didn't you buy us a good one?"


You could do worse than to hitch your $2 bet to the stars, says Sydney Omarr, who is a horoscope columnist when he is not touting the astrological signs of jockeys. His best bets for the coming months:

"The Cancer jockey is an ideal rider for mares and fillies. The rides, though not sensational, are steady. He makes his horse live up to potential, rides to form. He prefers older horses, who seem to respond to his touch. Best month to ride in the money: November.

"The Leo jockey has charisma, color and a sense of drama. He is an ideal rider of champions, shines in stakes races, often seems to let down in run-of-the-mill competition. Responds to crowd reaction more than the average rider. Following a losing effort, often delights and surprises with a superb comeback race. Best winning month is December.

"The Libra jockey has grace and a special touch. He always gives an even race, making his horse live up to form, but never pushing an animal beyond its capacity. Seldom disappoints when up on a favorite. He has real insight in understanding a horse. Best month is February."

In January, stargazers, nobody rides good.


James Harris, the Los Angeles Rams' new starting quarterback (page 22), always had fast hands, but he believes it was his quick reactions 10 years ago that got him where he is today.

"I had a lot of recruiting offers in high school," he said last week. "I remember this one coach at a Big Ten college. He said he liked my size, and then said, 'Hey, let's go out and throw a few.' So we went down to the field and started passing.

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