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November 18, 1974
OKLAHOMA'S PROBATIONSir:As a member of the NCAA Committee on Infractions, I voted for the penalty imposed on Oklahoma and have no doubt about the appropriateness of that penalty, given the nature of the violation of which Oklahoma was by its own admission guilty (The Best Team You'll Never See, Nov. 4).
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November 18, 1974

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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When the IOC announced its 1980 site selections, the majority of the media chose to highlight the choice of Moscow for the Summer Olympics, with little or no recognition of the Lake Placid designation. At least SI is on the ball and ready to recognize the great expectations for and the potential of the 1980 Winter Games.
West Hartford, Conn.

William Leggett hit the nail on the head when he labeled Vin Scully "extraordinary" in his article A Good Look at the Series (TV/RADIO, Oct. 28). Scully saved millions of sports fans from going to sleep listening to the walking, talking Sominex pill, Curt Gowdy. Leggett's words about Gowdy weren't strong enough. Gowdy was a major disappointment, and his colleagues, Tony Kubek and Monte Moore, were just as bad. Living in the Phoenix area, I have the pleasure of listening to Scully on all the Dodger radio broadcasts. In fact, during the Series I turned off the sound on my TV and tuned in the radio when Jim Simpson and Scully were announcing. President Ford may not appreciate this waste of electricity, but I feel my personal health is more important.
Tempe, Ariz.

William Leggett said what 54 million of us were thinking during every game of the Series.
San Diego

William Leggett asserts, " Curt Gowdy seems to know only three things about the A's and you can set your watch by them," i.e., Sal Bando's wife is an excellent Italian-style cook, the distance of Reggie Jackson's 1971 All-Star Game blast and the derivation of Catfish Hunter's nickname. Shame on you, Bill! How did you miss the most repeated Gowdy watch-setter, namely, the number of touchdown passes thrown by Vida Blue as a high school quarterback (35)?

For years, Gowdy's annoying technique of repeating the same "insights" every game has caused me to turn down the sound more than once. Among some of my favorite Gowdyisms are:

1) Darrell Evans' aunt who was a pitcher in a California Softball league (a must during any Brave telecast).

2) The number of ballplayers to come out of the Mobile, Ala. area (a must any time Cleon Jones, Tommie Agee, Billy Williams or Henry Aaron comes to the plate).

3) Howard Twilley's size (during each and every Dolphin telecast, Gowdy says, "Every year they say he's too small to survive in the NFL").

4) References to Cesar Cedeno's ability ( Gowdy never fails to mention during an Astro telecast that Cedeno has the five prerequisites needed to become a bona fide superstar—the ability to hit, hit with power, run, throw and field).

5) The peculiarities of Joe Morgan's batting mannerisms (during each and every Reds telecast there is mention, replete with isolated camera shot, of Joe Morgan's twitching forearm).

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