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Edited by Andrew Crichton
January 13, 1975
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January 13, 1975


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Reaction in the WHA after the first several weeks was varied. Bobby Hull was for it ("I think every guy should be saying, 'Let's not have any goals against us as a line.' That's a good way to think"); Frank Mahovlich was against it ("A guy can be checking his man, and somebody else on the line can give up a goal, but the guy who does his job gets a minus, too"); Gordie Howe was indifferent ("Nothing bothers me anymore").

Pluses and minuses, for sure, should not. Even if statisticians can keep such figures accurately—many believe they cannot—there are still too many variables for them to have meaning. A good player with five bad teammates will always come out on the wrong end, a bad player with five good ones, etc. ad infinitum. We have a better idea for statistics compilers. Watch the game. You will soon know who is pulling his weight and who isn't.

Rain falls into the lives of Tacoma, Wash, residents so often that the Chamber of Commerce describes it as "liquid sunshine." It was therefore with no little pride that local businessman Al Rainwater learned that Pacific Lutheran University had coincidentally named its eight-team basketball tournament the Rainwater Classic. He splashed money on the event, and eagerly awaited the opening round on Dec. 27. Alas, the best-laid plans have a way of being washed down the drain. Seems that while it almost never, never snows in Tacoma, it did that day, up to 14 inches worth, and Rainwater was unable to get to the arena. Frozen in his tracks, you might say.

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