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March 03, 1975
THE BOYS OF WINTERIf all National Hockey League playoff series under the new, extended format go the limit, the final championship game will be played on May 29, possibly in Atlanta.
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March 03, 1975


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But he ranged far beyond the economics of his game. "Athletic dorms are cheating the student-athlete of his college life," he said. "Coaches are restricting their players, putting in curfews. The NCAA should now move in, give the kid everything he is supposed to get out of his college life. The term student-athlete is really a joke....

"I think basically our job is protecting the game for the youngsters who play it. It's got to be a meaningful experience for them, something they enjoy and something they get some good out of, or we can never defend the game no matter how much money we make."

Paterno had more to say, but he had to cut his stay short. He was leaving for New Jersey to visit a big, talented tackle. He has not yet found a way out of the web he detests.

For months the Baltimore couple had searched for their valuable purebred dog, which had vanished. Then shortly before 12 one night recently the phone rang. "Your dog is at my home and you can come and get him," a woman who got the number from the dog's collar said. "My husband brought him here about seven months ago and now he cares more for him than he does me. I want the animal out of our house."


Obviously, this is just a sign of the times, but before our moment of glory is drowned in a crescendo of boos, let it be recorded that the forecasters most trusted by the American public are sportswriters and sports announcers. Next come weather-persons and the Jimmy-the-Greek types who set odds on sporting events. They are followed by political prognosticators and horoscope preparers. Economists and stockbrokers bring up the rear.

Bearers of these joyful tidings are R.H. Bruskin Associates, market researchers from New Jersey who have taken a national sampling of 2,536 adults. While we never seem to sample adults with similar opinions, we accept our lordly station humbly and try not to think where we will be at the first sign of prosperity—probably exchanged for the brokers.

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