SI Vault
Edited by Sarah Pileggi
May 26, 1975
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May 26, 1975


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Hard to swallow at 15 maybe, or even 25, but at 47, with 50,000 miles in the log, it doesn't seem so sad.


For every decal affixed to the body of an Indy racing machine, some manufacturer has paid dearly. That is how the costly game survives. But on Sunday there is going to be one car in the Indy 500 that will more closely resemble the community bulletin board at your neighborhood A & P than the typical Indy rolling billboard.

Grant King, owner and builder of "The Spirit of Indiana" and an independent, has sold off the surface of his car to anyone who wanted to put a message there. The prices, scaled "to the little guy," range from $20 for approximately 1� square inches, enough for a name, to $500 for a red star on a big map of Indiana on the nose. The project has been a huge success. Everybody from a class of sixth-graders near Anderson, Ind. to the Paragon Speedway in Bloomington wants on, and so far donations have totaled $15,000.

Just below the left front windshield of The Spirit there is a $250 space that bears the message, "Did you hear the one about the Chinese mechanic and the Polish sponsor?"

"That took up all the room," said Grant King. "I still don't know the punchline."

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