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Edited by William Oscar Johnson
July 28, 1975
TWO-MILLIONTH RUNIt took major league baseball 99 years to score one million runs, which historic event, you may recall, occurred May 4 when the Astros' Bob Watson touched home plate. Now, how soon can we expect Run No. 2,000,000? The Seiko Time Corp. has projected that it will take place on June 12, 2042. What odds would anyone like to give that it will be scored by a woman?
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July 28, 1975


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Sorcery is a continuing problem at Kenya's pitches. Sideline medicine men claim they can make the ball disappear or cast spells on opponents with bird and animal charms. Asiko declared, "The. practice of witchcraft is unsettling our efforts to clean up soccer."

We eagerly await a progress report from Mr. Asiko who may, even now, be shrunk to one inch in height.

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