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Edited by Robert W. Creamer
August 25, 1975
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August 25, 1975


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"Every time I say I'll quit, she knows that it's a myth, when it's five to two and the bottom of the fifth."

"Life is like a book, and let me tell you Janet I've read every page."

"My pride's not hard to swallow, once I chew it long enough."

"I got the all-overs for you all over me."

"If you want to keep the beer real cold, put it next to my ex-wife's heart."

Enough? O.K. You want to go back to playing trivia?


Five years ago when Brent Imlach had visions of a career as a pro hockey player, his father, Punch Imlach, boss of the Buffalo Sabres, recommended that Brent take a legal course on contracts so that he would know how to negotiate salary terms with general managers, should the occasion ever arise.

Well, he did and it did, but not the way either Imlach anticipated. Brent, who holds a master's degree in business, became not a player but an agent, and last week he handled a contract for Gary McAdam, an amateur drafted by Buffalo. The general manager Brent dealt with was, of course, his father.

Although the Imlachs live at the same address, Punch said, "Negotiations were by mail, phone and business meetings." Brent said, "They were mostly that way, but there was some negotiation around the dinner table, too."

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