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Dan Jenkins
September 22, 1975
It was the moment for a big decision on the arctic turf of the Polo Grounds that Sunday in the hopeful year of 1934. The Chicago Bears had battered the New York Giants all afternoon and seemed to be headed for another NFL championship, one that again would be shaped by the legendary cleats of Bronko Nagurski and George Musso and those other Monsters of the Midway. Now in the fourth quarter with the Bears leading by a field goal there was a time-out, and Ed Danowski, the Giant quarterback, knelt on the frozen surface and gazed at the scarred and weary but noblest of the Giants: at Mel Hein, Ray Flaherty, Ike Frankian and, finally, at the half-crippled but gallant Ken Strong.
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September 22, 1975

Muddle In The Huddle

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?"Isn't it touchdown passes plus yards per completion minus interceptions divided by...?"

?"I didn't know that was Tim Brown in the movie."

?Weeb's son-in-law.

?The Hawaiians and Jim Thorpe will resume contract negotiations in the middle of next week.

?Return of Mongo.

?"The jets come over on 'rocket's red glare,' then up go the balloons and white doves."

?Punt, Pass and Kick.

?"That Rozelle would render so controversial a ruling during such a sensitive period...."

?The most frequently mentioned cities for expansion now appear to be Tokyo, Manila, Yonkers, Bangkok, Scottsdale and Taos.

?The real issue is "player mobility."

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