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Barry McDermott
December 01, 1975
For the first time since George Washington invented the backdoor play and coached the Continental Army to an upset victory over the Redcoats, the NCAA tournament is returning to the vicinity of Valley Forge. This time there has been a rule change, however: no dunking allowed, either in the Delaware or the Spectrum.
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December 01, 1975

The Prize Is A Visit To Philly

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They will surely be on their teams' 10-man traveling squads, but the NCAA's new roster-limiting rule will be nettlesome for other players and all coaches until it can be changed, as it probably will be, in January. As things stand now some schools that move games off campus to larger facilities in their home cities will have to put up with the designation of "visitor" and dress only 10 players because they are not playing in their "home" gym.

Another unusual ruling involves Oregon State's muscular 6'8" center, Lonnie Shelton. He is back with his team after signing a pro contract, changing his mind, returning the money and receiving an injunction from a U.S. District Court judge (before whom Shelton presumably pleaded temporary greed) who reversed an NCAA decision that had made Shelton ineligible.

Along with being the Bicentennial, '76 is also an Olympic year, so the NCAA should reserve space at courtside for the KGB scouts next March. After all, the Russians are defending champions. Whether the Soviets retain their title may well depend on how many of the big bell-ringers in Philadelphia decide to take a trip to Montreal before they make one to the bank.

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