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May 17, 1976
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May 17, 1976


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On another aspect of scheduling, this one in baseball, Bob Holbrook of the American League says the Cleveland Indians have about the best geographic location of any of the 12 teams in that league, at least as far as travel is concerned. Clubs along the Atlantic Coast—Baltimore, Boston and New York—travel about 26,000 to 30,000 miles a year, says Holbrook, while those on the Pacific Coast—Oakland and California—rack up between 40,000 and 45,000 miles. The Indians, sometimes going east, sometimes west, have traveled as little as 19,000 miles. Since it costs about $4.50 a mile to move a team from city to city, Cleveland's travel budget is some $30,000 to $40,000 less than those of the Eastern teams, as much as $100,000 less than California's or Oakland's.

And you thought you never heard anyone say anything nice about Cleveland.


An angry fight fan, suspected of being from the anti-Washington city of Baltimore, is up in arms about some antiboxing articles in The Washington Post before and after the recent Ali-Young go.

"An escapee from the Post's editorial page," he writes, "used the sports section before the fight to scourge what he saw as the coming horror of it all. A couple of days after the fight some woman reporter climbed on the sport as if she had seen a mouse. I hope I never go to another fight, she wailed, after protesting what she viewed as mismatches on the undercard. Granted, the undercard was no brilliant piece of matchmaking, but such is the world of four- and six-round boxing. Most of the time only the worst is seen in this area, yet the four-rounder is necessary to the sport if talent is to be discovered and developed.

"But why boxing at all? the Post seems to ask. Well, boxing may have no redeeming social value, but then there is none, for example, in junk food or a lot of other things within the square mileage of Washington, D.C. To come down righteously on boxing is an old, obvious and threadbare trick."

And if any of yez wants a fight, come on over to Ballimer.


In the event you live in an area where from time to time you are approached by gorillas, wildlife photographer Dieter Plage has some advice for you.

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