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Edited by Coles Phinizy
August 23, 1976
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August 23, 1976


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That made Stengel very mad, and he had little to say to Pignatano thereafter except over the phone to the bullpen. During a subsequent game, calling from the dugout, Stengel said coldly, " Mr. Pignatano, get Nelson up." Pignatano looked around. There was nobody in the bullpen with the first or last name of Nelson. Rather than risk more wrath. Pignatano said, "O.K.," and turning half away from the phone, he shouted, "Nelson!"

Reliever Bob Miller straightway got to his feet and started warming up. Why? Because Miller knew Stengel always called him Nelson. Why did Stengel call him Nelson? Miller had no idea. And probably neither did Stengel.


Two years after he made half a million by going plunk into the Snake River, Evel Knievel has been judged liable to pay Twin Falls, Idaho nearly $8,000 for the mess he left behind. Meanwhile, a daredevil manqu�, Steve McPeak of Las Vegas, has been having a progressively rougher time of it. A year and a half ago he was fined $10 for trying to do a high-wire act on one of the suspension cables of the Golden Gate bridge. For attempting similar stunts at Hoover Dam and on the Vincent Thomas bridge in San Pedro, Calif., he was fined $50 twice and then $130.50.

Last month, on a cable he rigged himself, McPeak rode a unicycle across upper Yosemite Falls. This cost him $500, 10 days in jail and a three-year probation, during which he is forbidden to perform on high wires or to give interviews about his earlier antics. At the pace he is setting in the courts, it is possible that McPeak may be put away permanently.

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