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Edited by Gay Flood
August 30, 1976
SYMBOLISMSir: Ron Fimrite's article on come-from-behind baseball races (Begging for a Miracle, Aug. 16) was informative and conjured up a lot of "ifs." I got the greatest kick from the two-page color photo of Frank Taveras on his knees at second base with the perplexed look of a man who feels he is safe but has just been thrown out. Look behind Taveras. There's the circular symbol of the Philadelphia Phillies. It's almost as if the Phillies were a Big Brother-type power hovering over Three Rivers Stadium, making sure the Pirates stay where they are.SKIP VIALL Chattanooga
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August 30, 1976

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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1) All snakes must be unharmed; the penalty for injuring a snake is disqualification from the contest.

2) If the snake bites either itself or the sacker during a contest, a five-second penalty is added to the sacker's time.

All snakes are later released, unharmed, into their natural environment.
Emporium, Pa.

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