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Dan Jenkins
September 13, 1976
What happens when Mary signals for the 43 Purple Sloop may determine which NFL teams go Super Bowling in Pasadena
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September 13, 1976

Cracking The Language Barrier

What happens when Mary signals for the 43 Purple Sloop may determine which NFL teams go Super Bowling in Pasadena

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"That's absurd," Rosenbloom said. "O. J. would be asked to do nothing more than play running back, fullback and wide receiver, just as he did at Buffalo."

Simpson said he expected his Hollywood career to blossom more rapidly now that he was free of his football obligations.

"If I can avoid being typecast as a security guard or an elevator operator in TV movies of the week, I think I can make it," he said.

Buffalo Owner Ralph Wilson wished Simpson well.

"I don't see why O. J. can't succeed as an actor," Wilson said. "For seven years he did a good job of acting like he didn't hate Buffalo."

OAKLAND, CALIF.—The Oakland Raiders, a team noted for coming up with innovations, have developed yet another novelty for the 1976 NFL season. Specifically, Coach John Madden said his team was going to eliminate confusion by adopting a new terminology. "You won't hear any more ' Mississippi Gambler Open Decks' around here," Madden said. "And we're not going to call a deep pattern a 'Fly' either. We're going to call it an 'Up.' A lot of teams use the word 'Stunt.' I think that has a circus connotation. We'll say 'Twist Right' or 'Twist Left.' The same goes for lateral. Too many syllables. We'll use 'Flip.' "

Madden said the idea occurred to him last week in a Raider scrimmage.

"In our lexicon, a fumble has been known as a fumble, and we've had a lot of injuries to guys going after the ball," said Madden. "Now we call a fumble a 'Red Hot' and you don't see as many people banging into each other."

Al Davis, Oakland's managing general partner, was asked what he thought privately about Oakland's chances. "I'll say this much," said Davis. "If Snake can hit the Pop, the Hitch and the Shake, particularly against the Orange Three, and if he can read the El Paso as good as he reads the Tango, there's no reason why we can't Double Sponge anybody, especially if we're using George and their Jill is cheating."

As Terry Bradshaw strums idly on his guitar and Jack Lambert sips from a thermos of warm blood, both awaiting Pasadena, so begins another season.

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