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November 15, 1976
YEAR OF THE REDS Sir:Congratulations to Ron Fimrite and SI's photography crew for a fantastic view of the World Series (Ah, How Great It Is, Nov. 1). Your comparison of lineups and batting averages of great teams was very beneficial for those who like to study statistics. Incidentally, judging by your picture on page 22 of Pete Rose diving into third base, I would give him the Anti-Gravity Award of 1976 over Julius Erving, whom you show on page 24.JIM RAMSEYWatertown, Conn.
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November 15, 1976

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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?Jade Prince's time stands as the fastest for the mile in a race, while Steady Star's is the record for a time trial.—ED.

Ever since I heard that the Topeka, Kans. zoo was expecting the arrival of two new gnus, I have been anxiously awaiting their christening. You can imagine my deep disappointment when I read your SCORECARD item (Nov. 1) and discovered the animals had been named Sports and Weather. Surely one should have been named Good and the other Bad.

I am reminded of the story of the horse thief in Santa Fe, who when taken out to be hanged in 1849 discovered that there was no rope and uttered those immortal words, "No noose is good news."

The officials could at least have named one of the gnus No. But I suppose they felt that No gnus is not Good gnus, or they were afraid that Bad gnus travels fast.

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