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Ron Reid
February 28, 1977
The sports-award banquet circuit is one of the rites of winter, a time to get Tony Dorsett's autograph, drink a beer with Billy Carter and hear some jokes
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February 28, 1977

'in The Spirit Of Joy And Some Joy Of The Spirit'

The sports-award banquet circuit is one of the rites of winter, a time to get Tony Dorsett's autograph, drink a beer with Billy Carter and hear some jokes

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MENU—Fruit cup. Broiled rib eye steak. Small baked potato with sour cream and chives. Green beans with mushrooms. Biscuit glac� with strawberry sauce. Rolls and butter. Coffee.

DENVER—13th Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Awards Banquet. Regency Inn. M.C.: Larry Varnell. Tickets: $17.50. Special guests: Tom Brookshier, Frank Gifford, David Thompson. Inductees: Floyd Little, Burdie Haldorson, the late Edward McGlone, Rich Volk and Phyllis Lockwood (in absentia). Attendance: 1,500.

The audience is mixed for this exercise in local boosterism and, suitably for the Mile High City, the two head tables—each with 49 places—seem a mile long. Five athletes are being inducted, but the main attractions are Little, the retired Bronco running back, and David Thompson, the Nuggets' basketball star. An added starter is Red Miller, named six days earlier to replace John Ralston as the Broncos' head coach. "I'm not making any predictions," Miller says, "but I promise you a well-drilled, hard-hitting football team that knows what it's doing on the field." Miller also reads a letter from a Denver fan: "I've decided to help the Broncos win the Super Bowl next year by having them use a new type of offense. This offense I have invented is called the Mr. Allen Kelly Midget Offense. Next year you should recruit, or draft, two or three very small but well-built midgets and one large man of great strength. The offense consists simply of giving the ball to the midgets and having the big strong man throw the midget with the ball as far down-field as possible. I believe with sufficient training in how to land, the midget could avoid injury. This offense should be good for four to five yards every time it is run.

"You also could devastate the AFC with the Mr. Allen Kelly Midget Defense. In this defense, you have all three linebackers throw a midget at the opposing quarterback as soon as he receives the snap. If initial impact does not bring him down, the midgets could hold onto his arms until he could be tackled. It would be very difficult to pass or hand the ball off with midgets hanging all over you."

Hailed as the Pro Athlete of the Year, Thompson tells the crowd, "Thanks for bringing some happiness into my life."

Little introduces his mother-in-law Mrs. Geneva Green and his wife Joyce. "In three years Joyce graduated from Syracuse magna cum laude" Little says. "In four years, I graduated thank the laude.

"My philosophy," Little continues, "is that everyone has a chance to be the best at what they do. The only problem is, not enough of them take their turn. I always wanted to take my turn."

MENU—Combination salad. Broiled eight-ounce top sirloin steak. Onion rings. Green beans amandine. Stuffed baked potato. Strawberry Napoleon. Rolls and butter. Coffee.

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