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the healthiest diet?
Julia Lamb
February 28, 1977
Well, what should an athlete eat? As the accompanying article indicates, there are almost as many opinions on that question as there are athletes. One solution is to ask the experts. Two authorities, one a dietary "conservative," the other a "liberal," gave SPORTS ILLUSTRATED their views on the ideal regimen for athletes, such as football players and long-distance runners, who expend large amounts of energy.
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February 28, 1977

The Healthiest Diet?

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Dr. Bullen on nutritional fads:

?On megavitamins: "As a rule, if you are taking more than 10 times the daily allowance of a vitamin, you aren't using it as a vitamin, but as a drug. Vitamins A and D can be toxic at high levels, and any high dosage is potentially harmful."

?"There's nothing really wrong with some refined sugar as long as you are getting all the nutrients you need."

?"Vegetarians should watch their diets more carefully than athletes who eat meat. Try to complement one kind of vegetable protein with another. Make sure you get enough vitamin B12."

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