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March 14, 1977
SPUTTERING ENGINESir:If the Detroit Pistons (Moaning and Winning in Motown, Feb. 28) are typical of players in the NBA, the sport is in sad shape. You quote Marvin Barnes as saying, "I got to get my 30. My fans be demanding it." I think most fans come to see the game played by professionals, not a one-man talking machine trying to score 30 points a game. The picture of Kevin Porter sulking on the bench told the whole story. Even if the Pistons are in second place in their division and have the seventh best record in the NBA, they have to rank last in class. REED JOHNSON Waterloo, Iowa
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March 14, 1977

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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I found particularly offensive the comment, "Seeing one of his matches is often about as thrilling as watching paint dry." The finesse and skill with which Kemp wrestles are apparent in every one of his matches, whatever the score.
Madison, Wis.

With the exception of one horrible statement, Richard W. Johnston's article Maui Is in the Chips (Jan. 24) was well written and covered many interesting aspects of this beautiful, complicated island. In the penultimate paragraph, Johnston says, "Except for...a fine French restaurant, one should go quickly through Kihei, the tacky eight-mile resort strip above Wailea that has the gall to include itself in 'the Maui Gold Coast.' "

It is impossible for any of us here to understand how Johnston could have missed seeing Kihei's mile after mile of beautiful, un-crowded white-sand beaches—all of them open to the public—with the safest swimming in the Islands. He also missed four beautiful beachside parks with tables, benches, lawns, trees, showers, camping areas, pavilions for family parties and community meetings and courts for basketball and tennis, not to mention many well-designed, beautifully landscaped condominiums. There are some 9,000 residents and several thousand visitors who consider themselves the luckiest people in the world to be able to be in Kihei. Are they all out of step, Mr. Johnston?
Kihei Community Association
Kihei, Hawaii

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