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William Leggett
April 25, 1977
Tompkins and Hughes are not a song-writing team, a double-play combination or even two guys who run a body-and-fender shop in San Bernardino. They are the working force behind Weekend Sports, a program that goes out over NBC radio 15 times a weekend to some 160 stations. Barry Tompkins is the voice of Weekend Sports, Mike Hughes its producer, and if you heard any of their shows last weekend you caught them coming from NBC's home base, New York—an unlikely place for them to be.
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April 25, 1977

Quick Bites Of A Sporting Feast

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Tompkins says, "If I had to make a living out of the quality of my voice, I'd starve. Klein helped me a great deal. When I got a chance to do television in San Francisco I encountered this almost unbelievable problem for an announcer. I was running out of breath. I was writing too long."

Often Tompkins will sit at a typewriter and bang out an outline for his commentaries, but he edits himself when he starts talking by adlibbing and compressing. There are also all those tapes. Last week, for instance, Hughes and Tompkins sat down and decided they had too many tapes logged in the NBC library, so they threw out some 2,000 of 4,000 interviews. This week they started building toward 4,000 again.

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