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Edited by William Oscar Johnson
April 25, 1977
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April 25, 1977


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Now Rush hopes to go into broadcasting, writing and promotion. Despite the fact that coaching left her with too little time to be with her husband Ed, an NBA referee, and their two young sons, a bid to coach at a major school would be tempting. Sue Gunter. coach at Stephen F. Austin University and a U.S. Olympic team assistant, says, "I hope Cathy will be back. It's more fun to compete against the best."


You may find this hard to believe, but University of Rhode Island students have been working on an experiment that tests the willingness of ducks to swim through eight different colors of water. Researchers deprive the ducks of food for up to 48 hours, then bring them out on a ramp leading to a pool of water that has been dyed black, yellow, blue, green, violet, indigo, red or orange. Across the water there is food. The ducks dash quacking into the colored water and paddle toward the food with varying degrees of enthusiasm. When the water is dyed orange, however, the ducks show an obvious reluctance to get in the swim.

And what possible value might all this have for man or duck? The students surmised that in the event of an oil spill, orange dye spread around the slick might keep waterfowl from swimming into the oil, thus saving their lives.

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