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May 23, 1977
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May 23, 1977


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The picture is on its way.


Before the collegiate baseball season began, Western New Mexico University was one of the favorites for the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference championship. Among the Mustangs' 15 returning lettermen were all eight starters and the entire pitching staff. But instead of a conference title, the Mustangs finished with a perfect season in reverse—no wins and 30 losses.

WNMU disintegrated before its first inning of play when most of the starters transferred to other schools, sat out the season waiting to transfer or simply abandoned baseball. Many of the players lacked faith in Coach Jim Walker, who is primarily WNMU's football coach and had never coached baseball on the college level before last year, when his record was 9-23. Three days before the opening game, the Mustangs' roster included two lettermen—not 15—out of a total of seven players.

Walker solved the manpower problem by transferring a handful of athletes, including a left-handed shortstop named Dave McAtee, from the gridiron to the diamond. The Mustangs then lost their opener to Texas El Paso 22-0. as McAtee committed five errors. Understandably, he too quit the team after that game.

In all, WMNU was shut out 16 times and outscored 376-46. Worst was a 27-0 loss to Northern Arizona; best was a 1-0 loss to Eastern Arizona. The team did have a few bright spots. Catcher Kevin O'Neill hit .375 and is up for all-conference; the Mustangs stole 29 bases in 34 attempts; and Ron Kantowski, who doubles as the school's sports information coordinator, hit .274.

Just before the season ended, Walker told the team, "Men, 20 years from now I hope you don't remember I was your coach because I'm sure going to forget you were my players."


Within the boundaries of Columbus, Ohio, no one is better known than Woody Hayes, the Ohio State football coach. Or is he?

When Hayes tried to borrow a book at the William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library he was turned down because he didn't have his university ID card with him. In such cases, the library runs a computer check to verify an individual's eligibility to borrow books.

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