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June 06, 1977
CENTER OF THE STORMSir:Your article on Bill Walton and the Trail Blazers (L.A. Couldn't Move the Mountain, May 23) was surprisingly accurate in its account of the events leading to the Portland sweep of L.A. in the playoffs. But I take exception to the caption on the cover: "Walton Outduels Abdul-Jabbar." Indeed! I can appreciate your fantasy but it will never be realized. Under no circumstances did Walton "outduel" Abdul-Jabbar. He was simply surrounded by better personnel. The most persuasive argument that Abdul-Jabbar is the best center in basketball is this—put Walton on the Lakers and Abdul-Jabbar on the Trail Blazers. Don't you agree there would be no contest? Of course, you do.LINDA JONES Inglewood, Calif.
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June 06, 1977

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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With all due respect to Havlicek, he would have to run up and down the court 450 times, or once every six seconds, to cover eight miles in the game. I doubt that any amount of weaving around defenders can account for that distance.
Cambridge, Mass.

Do you guys have any idea how a pedometer works?

I'm not knocking Havlicek's "hustle," but strap the same pedometer on me and I'll give you eight quick miles in a rocking chair. Or, more comfortably, sacked out on a Magic Fingers mattress.

Hondo probably shoulder-fakes several miles per game. But run eight miles in 43 minutes? No way!
E.F.T. Rich
Wilmington, Del.

In a May 2 SCORECARD item, you say that I tell my students about "getting blood the hard way," a gimmick in which for $50 extra a wrestler will inflict a pre-match cut in his forehead with a bottle cap, then will allow it to be pounded until blood flows furiously during the bout.

This allegation and quote first appeared in the Dallas News in an article written by Carlton Stowers. The statement was made to Mr. Stowers by an unnamed source, and I do not appreciate the fact that it has been attributed to me. It is definitely not mine and is completely erroneous.
Dempsey's International School of Professional Wrestling

Robert Creamer's box (Why Are These Stars on the Outs, April 11) on the Coopers-town Outs defeating a team of Cooperstown Ins is very well taken.

But he left out the greatest Outs of all, the legions of superb athletes who were playing and beating the best of the Hall of Famers—the Ty Cobbs, Babe Ruths, Rogers Horns-bys, etc.

I'm referring to the superstars of the old Negro leagues who will have no more opportunities to make it into Cooperstown—unless the Hall of Fame board of directors does something. The committee headed by Monte Irvin, which has named nine of these men, is slated to disband on Aug. 7.

The official reason given is that no more qualified Negro league veterans remain. But the real reason is that the committee was given a quota of nine when it was formed in 1971; the quota was reached this year, and the bargain has been completed.

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