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October 03, 1977
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October 03, 1977


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"In addition to the four football games that will be played in the Kingbowl," advises a news release, "the WIAA has reserved the Kingdome for Friday night. Dec. 2." Hank Rybus, WIAA general secretary, says, "I'm in the education business tune with this philosophy the event will feature...the first high school marching-band competition attracting schools from across the state."

If all this is not enough, you may be able to attend Michael Campbell's clinic for aspiring sportswriters, which he hopes to stage in the Kingdome before the marching-band contest. Shouldn't have any problem keeping the typewriters dry.

Golfer Andy North's sister Pamela has married. Her new name is Pamela South.


John Steadman, sports editor of the Baltimore News American, has seen every game the Baltimore Colts have played, home and away. The streak goes back to 1950, when, as he puts it, "There just wasn't anyone in Yankee Stadium when the Colts and New York drew a crowd of 5,000."

Steadman has visited "such interesting points of call as Lubbock, Texas, Lincoln, Neb., Rochester, N.Y. and, of course, Shreveport, La., on the exhibition circuit." As for the less interesting spots he has found himself in, he says, "Can you imagine spending a week between games in Egg Harbor, Wis.? It might sound good, but it isn't."

There were, inevitably, conflicts. For example, the Colts were playing the Chicago Bears on the same day that the Orioles were playing the Dodgers in the final game of the 1966 World Series. So, Steadman says, in addition to the regular reporters assigned to the final Series game, "We had our wife and brother cover it for us by doing leg work, and we wrote the story. Ironically, a journalism-judging committee said it was the best piece of literature written on the World Series that year, but we told them we didn't want the award, because just imagine how much better it might have been if we had been there!"

Steadman says that keeping the streak going is easier these days, because travel is easier, but he refuses to speculate on how long it will last, or even to figure out how many games he has seen and how many miles he has traveled. "I'm Irish and I'm superstitious," he says, "and I don't like to be reminded of things before they really happen."

While Steadman thus keeps his mind carefully off the matter, SI has done some research and has calculated that last Sunday's Colt game was Steadman's 496th in a row. Of that number 332 were regular-season, 146 preseason and 16 postseason. The Colts' overall record is 280 wins, 206 losses and 10 ties. Steadman's record, of course, is 496 to 0.

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