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Edited by Robert H. Boyle
December 19, 1977
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December 19, 1977


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Owens: What color is mimosa?

Haden: I believe it's light yellow.

Owens: O.K., that's right. By the way, who discovered oxygen?

Haden: A man named Boyd.

Owens: Very good, Pat. Now listen closely. Which of the following is not an amino acid: leucine, valine, choline, lysine, alanine?

Haden: Just a moment, Gary. You said not an amino acid?

Owens: Yes, not.

Haden: That would be choline.

Owens: Fantastic. Incidentally, do you know the exact date of the first St. Patrick's Day Parade held in New York?

Haden: Let me take a stab, Gary. I believe it was March 17, 1762.

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