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Terry Davis
November 06, 1978
I had nearly forfeited my match to Romaine Lewis of South Central High because my nose wouldn't stop bleeding. The ref had to interrupt the match in both the first and second rounds because my nose wouldn't quit. If he hadn't called a pretty fast pin at the start of round three, he would have had to disqualify me before Romaine drowned in my gore.
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November 06, 1978

What Does A Wrestler Do For His Nosebleeds? What Popeye Would

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"You ought to try nothing but spinach and see what that does for you," I replied.

"You sure look bad, Nort," said Otto.

I reached for my honey bottle. I figured that Norty's blood sugar was probably low. "Open up," I told him, and squeezed a thick golden line of honey onto his tongue.

"Ummmmmmm good," said Norty. He turned and crawled back toward the rear of the bus.

Otto and I looked at each other. "Hypoglycemia," I said.

"Poor guy's got no norms," Otto said.

A little later Otto prodded me out of a light snooze. Mike Konigi, our No. 1 man at 119, stood resplendent before us waiting for an answer to his question.

"Huh?" Mike asked. "Huh, huh, huh, you guys? Am I spiff city or not?"

"Eat a rock, Konigi," Otto replied. Otto, like me, was dressed in the customary denim and flannel.

Mike did look O.K. He was wearing a blue blazer over a white turtleneck and gray slacks. His black, high-topped Converse All-Stars left him a little short of formal footwear, however.

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