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Terry Davis
November 06, 1978
I had nearly forfeited my match to Romaine Lewis of South Central High because my nose wouldn't stop bleeding. The ref had to interrupt the match in both the first and second rounds because my nose wouldn't quit. If he hadn't called a pretty fast pin at the start of round three, he would have had to disqualify me before Romaine drowned in my gore.
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November 06, 1978

What Does A Wrestler Do For His Nosebleeds? What Popeye Would

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"You guys cultivate slobbery," Mike said.

"Munch a bunch, Konigi," was my reply. "We're headed for a wrestling match, not the Wayne Newton show at Tahoe."

"Think this stuff would be O.K. to wear to the New Year's dance?" Mike asked, more seriously.

"It'd be swell," said Otto.

"Yeah, it's neat," I concurred.

"What's Carla going to wear?" Mike asked me.

"She's got this long dress," I replied. "It's a little more casual than a prom dress. In fact, I think it's a nightgown. It's got little ducks on it. How about Keiko?"

"A long dress too," Mike said. "Who you gonna take, Otto?"

"I don't even know if I'll go, Mike," Otto said.

I had a great urge to chime in with some information, but I held off for propriety's sake and because Otto would have beaten me up. Otto had a secret heart-throb for Romaine Lewis' little sister Rayette. Rayette was probably the most beautiful girl in the universe, and that included my girl friend Carla. Rayette was black and had an air of mystery in addition to everything else.

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