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November 27, 1978
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November 27, 1978


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Fox is seeking to acquire even more sporting properties, or, as a spokesman puts it, "We are looking for other destination resort type companies."


If soccer is ever to fulfill the destiny devotees in this country have staked out for the sport, it is going to have to stop hacking around. For example, Carleton College recently won the Midwestern Conference championship by defeating Knox College 3-2 after four 15-minute and five 5-minute overtime periods.

Then there are the girls' teams at Lake Placid High School and Peru Central School in upstate New York. During sectional play at Willsboro, N.Y., the Lake Placid Blue Bombers and the Indians battled for 72 minutes and reached a 0-0 impasse. Eleven extra periods were then played without a goal being scored. With darkness setting in, the two sides decided to wipe the slate clean and start fresh the next day with a new game.

Just to be on the safe side, regulation play began at noon. At the end of 72 minutes, the score was tied at 2-2. And so on. And so forth. For 13 more extra periods the two sides went at it, until finally, in the 14th overtime, Lake Placid senior Forward Meri-Jo Borzilleri scored the deciding goal. In fact, Meri-Jo scored all three of her team's goals in a game that lasted 269 minutes, the equivalent of four regulation games. The next day, exhausted Lake Placid lost the sectional championship to Willsboro High, 6-1.

Now let's go to South Carolina for the state independent school soccer championship. Sea Pines Academy and College Prep of Charleston battled for 11 overtime periods until Brian Moersch scored to give Sea Pines a 2-1 victory. The co-coach of Sea Pines is Roger Cawley, husband of Evonne Goolagong. She plays tennis, right? Which brings to mind Jimmy Van Alen, the master tinkerer who devised sudden death for tennis. Jimmy, put your feverishly inventive mind to work. Soccer needs you.


In the AFC, the best team to bet on is the Bills, while in the NFC it's the Bucs, Saints and Eagles. This won-lost list shows how NFL teams have fared against the point spread through the first 11 games of this season.

What the spread standings clearly show is that the Bills, 3 and 8 in the regular standings, are far better than bettors think and that the Cowboys, 7 and 4 in the regular standings, have been overrated. Of course, these opinions have probably changed by now. Even a sucker learns after a while.


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