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December 18, 1978
THE PISTOL Sir:Once again, I was delighted by Curry (King of the Quill) Kirkpatrick's wonderful style (No One Can Cap the Pistol, Dec. 4). His story on Pete Maravich was another in a long line of masterpieces. Kirkpatrick does for sports-writing what the Pistol does for basketball—delight the audience with "Where the heck did that come from?" moves. DAVID K. DAVIS San Jose, Calif.
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December 18, 1978

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Under the current National Federation rules (1978-79 edition) for tournament play, if a tie exists after a regulation game, the teams play two five-minute overtime periods. If a tie still exists, they play not more than two five-minute, sudden-death overtime periods. And if the teams are still tied, they resort to penalty kicks or the North American Soccer League "shoot-out" procedure.
National Federation
Soccer Rules Committee
Littleton, Colo.

I was in India about six years ago, and here is what many of the schools and some professional teams did to avoid overlong matches. If the teams remained tied after one or two 10-minute overtime periods, each team chose five players, and each of them took a penalty kick against the opposing goalkeeper. Whichever team had the most goals won. If the score was still even, then the next five players took penalty kicks. This seems like a sensible way to decide the issue.
Lincoln, Neb.

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