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Edited by Sarah Pileggi
January 29, 1979
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January 29, 1979


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When the Major Indoor Soccer League began its season in December, the promoters promised a harder-hitting, faster-paced, more exciting game. With the season now more than one-third over, the statistics would seem to be bearing them out. In the first 20 MISL games there was an average of 11.85 goals scored per game. The season average for the North American Soccer League last year was 3.4.

Indoor soccer has a field half the size of a regulation field; hence, many more shots are taken. Houston's Summit Soccer of the MISL, for instance, has averaged 50 shots per game. A league P.R. man boasts, truthfully, that indoor soccer "leaves the midfield out in the cold."

Lively it is. Quick it is (60 minutes rather than 90). Small it is (small field, small goal, small team). But is it soccer?

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