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October 22, 1979
WEATHERBALLThe foul weather that prevailed during the World Series diminished the quality of play and alternately soaked and froze the fans. Some critics accordingly suggested it was time to turn back the clock and shorten the season, but in an era of expansion and playoffs that is unlikely to happen. Others proposed holding future World Series in neutral, warm-weather locations Super Bowl-style, but that would take the event away from hometown fans. One sensible option remains. Despite the TV networks' understandable preference for beaming the Series in prime time, all games should be scheduled for daylight hours, as was the practice until 1971. If last week's first three games had been played in the afternoon instead of at night, we might have witnessed baseball, not weatherball.
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October 22, 1979


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Halberstadt was criticized for his "insulting" action by amateur sports officials and was roundly booed by pro-apartheid spectators at meets. But he was lauded by a number of liberal South African newspapers, one of which, the Rand Daily Mail, said, "The worst thing about apartheid in sport is that it is unsportsmanlike." The furor proved embarrassing to the government, which had been trying to convey the impression that it was dismantling apartheid on the playing field, if not in society generally. The government finally issued Motshwarateu travel documents, and the 20-year-old runner, who has the 12th-fastest time in the world this year in the 10,000 meters, has arrived in the U.S., where he is trying to decide which school to attend. His air fare to this country was paid by Halberstadt and another white South African distance star, Bernard Rose.

Quick now, what are the first names of 1) the NFL's leading passer, 2) the Notre Dame halfback who is on the verge of breaking the Irish career rushing record, 3) the Winnipeg Jet general manager currently trying to coax Bobby Hull out of retirement, 4) the Los Angeles Dodger catcher who hit 20 home runs this season and 5) the Pittsburgh Penguin center who scored two goals last week in his team's NHL opener? Answers: Joe, Vagas, John, Joe (again) and George. If you had more than two incorrect responses, it's obviously time to brush up on your Ferguson, a big name in sports these days.

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