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1 Baltimore Ravens
Michael Silver
September 05, 2005
Everybody is terrified of their defense, but can Kyle Boller strike fear into opposing secondaries? He finally has the receiving weapons to do it
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September 05, 2005

1 Baltimore Ravens

Everybody is terrified of their defense, but can Kyle Boller strike fear into opposing secondaries? He finally has the receiving weapons to do it

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Ravens fans should be comforted to know that Boller has already thrown his first dramatic touchdown pass of 2005. Granted, it happened in an early-summer game of Madden 2005 on a big-screen TV in the quarterback's five-bedroom home. Clayton, who plays the video game obsessively, had presented the less-polished Boller with an enticing challenge: Score even a single point against him in four quarters, and his landlord could declare victory. Trailing 72-0, Boller, who was playing as the '04 Vikings, finally hit pay dirt on a late Hail Mary from Daunte Culpepper to Randy Moss.

"The final score was 80-7," Boller recalls with a laugh, "but I got to brag about it to everyone the next day, saying, 'I beat Mark.' Hey, I'm not proud." -- Michael Silver


While Ray Lewis and Ed Reed get all the glory as back-to-back NFL Defensive Player of the Year award winners, Terrell Suggs has quietly become one of the top pass rushers in the league. The third-year outside linebacker and end already has 22 1/2 career sacks and will play primarily with his hand down in the 4-3 defense of new coordinator Rex Ryan, who says Suggs is in the company of the Colts' Dwight Freeney and the Dolphins' Jason Taylor as one of the game's elite sack specialists.

Kyle Boller has tremendous physical skills but has a lot of work to do in the areas of accuracy and decision making. They can be a good team with an average quarterback, but to be a dominant team they need their quarterback to be a lot better than average.... Jamal Lewis is as good a back as there is in the league, and they've got that great big line that can really wear you down.... Todd Heap is a complete tight end. He can stretch you vertically, and you have to account for him as a blocker.... The one time Jonathan Ogden showed me a chink in his armor last year was against Dwight Freeney. That's the only time I've seen him frustrated. Other than that, he was a dominator.... Kelly Gregg has really fit in with what they do on defense. They're going to split him outside at end in the 4-3, and I'll be interested to see how that works out.... Chris McAlister is a big, physical corner with a presence about him. At times, though, he'll guess, and you can get him to bite on a double move.... Deion Sanders didn't do much for them a year ago, and I wouldn't expect him to this year. We know he's not going to tackle, and he'll try to get by on experience.

PROJECTED STARTING LINEUP with 2004 statistics


PVR -- 11
ATT. -- 235
YARDS -- 1,006
AVG. -- 4.3
REC. -- 10
YARDS -- 116
AVG. -- 11.6
TDs -- 7

PVR -- 192
ATT. -- 464
COMP. -- 258
% -- 55.6
YARDS -- 2,559
TDs -- 13
INT. -- 11
RATING -- 70.9

PVR -- 340
ATT. -- 10
YARDS -- 36
AVG. -- 3.6
REC. -- 11
YARDS -- 39
AVG. -- 3.5
TDs -- 0

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