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The Poser
Lisa Altobelli
August 14, 2006
Tony Parrish
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August 14, 2006

The Poser

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POSTURE Lie on belly with chin on mat. Put arms underneath body, palms on floor. Raise right leg as high as you can, behind you. Hold for 10 counts. Return to starting position and switch legs. Return to starting position and raise both legs and hips off floor as high as you can (as shown) and hold for 10 counts. Lower legs and rest on stomach. 20 seconds, face to one side. Repeat all three positions. SAGAR: "This increases flexibility in the spine and stretches your abdominals."

Balancing Stick

POSTURE Standing with feet together, raise arms straight up and clasp hands with index fingers pointing up. Step left foot forward two feet, keeping it straight. Point right foot behind you, keeping foot on floor. Bend forward until chest and arms are parallel to floor while also raising right leg behind you until parallel to floor, making a T with body. Hold for 10 counts, return to start position, switch legs. Do two times, each side. SAGAR: "You primarily engage your abdomen in this pose, as well as all your leg muscles. You also develop muscle tone in the shoulders."

Standing Deep Breathing

POSTURE Stand straight, feet parallel and touching. Interlace fingers and place knuckles under chin with elbows together. Slowly inhale through nose for six counts while raising elbows toward ears. Exhale through mouth, dropping head back, and bring elbows together pointing straight ahead for six counts. Two sets of 10 reps. SAGAR: "It expands the lungs and increases circulation, preparing the body for the movements ahead."

Half Moon

POSTURE Standing with feet together, raise arms straight up and clasp hands with index fingers pointing up. Push hips left and bend to right, extending left side from hip to armpit. Hold for five counts. Return to center and repeat, bending to left. Return to center, drop head back, arms behind you, hands still clasped and bend backward as far as you can. SAGAR: "The side bend is good for your obliques; the back bend increases flexibility in the spine."

Standing Head to Knee

POSTURE Lift right leg straight out in front of body, parallel to floor. Interlace fingers and hold under ball of foot. Lean forward, bend elbows and rest forehead on shin. Hold for 10 counts, return to start position and switch legs. Repeat. SAGAR: "You really have to suck in your stomach to get into and hold this forward bend. You engage your core muscles throughout the pose, and it also works your hamstrings."

Standing Bow Pulling

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