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Oldies but Goodies
Bill Syken
October 01, 2007
When seeking value, going with age can make you look like a sage
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October 01, 2007

Oldies But Goodies

When seeking value, going with age can make you look like a sage

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FANTASY OWNERS, like stock traders, aim to buy low, sell high. They look for the emerging player headed into a breakout season and move off the big star before he fades. If a veteran has a down year or an injury, put your money someplace else.

But this mind-set can cause owners to miss productive players. Take Brett Favre. Didn't he throw for 18 touchdowns and 18 interceptions last year? Isn't he, like, just a few weeks from being eligible for Social Security? (Actually, he turns 38 on Oct.�10.) Who would draft him ahead of a budding, if unproven, player like Matt Leinart?

This season Favre and the other players on this page are showing the importance of weighing track record against potential. Armed with young receivers Greg Jennings and James Jones--and with an improved defense getting him the ball more often-- Favre looked like his old self on Sunday, throwing pinpoint passes and shredding a feared Chargers defense for 369 yards and three TDs. That's even better than his numbers (three TDs, 286 yards) against the sievelike Giants the week before. Think Favre can't keep it up? Don't kid yourself.